Better Mind Abilities

Modern neuroscience is sparking a revolution – it has shown us that we have more personal control over the behavior of our brains than we ever thought possible. We can change attitudes, beliefs, emotional states, and behavior; all by using the power of Neurofeedback.

Our leading-edge Neurofeedback brain training programs harness the brain’s capacity for change, training your mind so you can operate at your peak. The ability to strengthen your cognitive weaknesses, to re-route thought patterns and break emotional habits can be life-changing.

High performers achieve enhanced focus, mental resilience, and decision ability. We aid children’s development and learning skills, and provide symptom resolution for a variety of emotional and brain-based conditions.

In the 1980’s, biofeedback (neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback) was popular for anxiety and stress reduction and was used by many professionals. The decrease in popularity was not due to poor results. It was caused by a decision by insurance companies to cut the rate of reimbursement for this treatment by approximately 75%!

Over the years, technology and knowledge about the brain have made incredible advances. Brain biofeedback researchers and practitioners have applied this knowledge and continue to hone neurofeedback technology into an increasingly more effective teaching tool. This has led to resurgence in the use of biofeedback.

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