Peak Performance

Can Neurofeedback Improve Performance?

There are many users of Neurofeedback to enhance performance. Many of these users believe this gives them a competitive advantage and do not publicize or even comment on speculation about their use of Neurofeedback. They are even less interested in partaking or funding academic research, they are just interested in the results.

What is Peak Performance?

In addition to helping with problems of brain dis-regulation, Neurofeedback can be used to ‘tune’ well-functioning brains to perform at their peak. The treatment is able to deliver the same benefits as long-term meditation, which also has very positive and measurable medical benefits. And one of the benefits of Neurofeedback over talking therapies such as psychoanalysis or cognitive behavior therapy is you don’t have to talk about your feelings to get results. Neurofeedback has been credited with the following benefits:

  • Getting in ‘The Zone’– Achieve physical and mental peak performance states
  • Improved Intelligence– An increase of 10-12 IQ points has been demonstrated
  • Improve Emotional Intelligence (EQ)– EQ has been shown to be more important than IQ in getting ahead in life
  • Better relationships– Improve the key relationships in your life
  • Feel good– Improve your overall satisfaction with life
  • More creative– whether in business or your personal life
  • Expand awareness– Improve your intuition and sensory awareness
  • Get on in life– Fast track your career with peak brain performance
  • Don’t get stuck– Avoid executive career stallers
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